Furniture Design

Furniture can make or break the design of the overall interior. The size, style, placement, finishes and combination of furniture pieces can change the look and feel of the space significantly. To achieve different functions within a small or a very large space, tailor-made furniture can achieve wonders through building multiple functional uses.
We work with you to decide the overall purpose of the furnishing. Then we define the requirements you are looking for, including functional uses, colours, finishing, materials and dimensions.
Planning involves deriving the overall timeline to select and locate pieces. Often tailor-made pieces can be great options to meet all requirements.
Begin Changes
For this, we will design and liaise with furniture makers to build the pieces.
For a client, we created a minimalist hall-way console that housed a hidden electric piano. For another client, we created a bookcase behind which the TV is hidden, and a hidden traption opens the TV. Through choices in material, colour, sizing and finishing, tailor-made pieces can create the ‘wow factor’. Carefully chosen pieces also add character and style to the space – this is one way to express unique personal experiences.
We will be happy to discuss your design requirements and desires.
3D Plans
We will illustrate and visualize your design with 3D plans and sketches
We assist you with the shopping and choosing the items that you love.
choose the right piece in order to create a timeless design for you.
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