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Custom Made Design – Albert Park Terrace House Attic Extension

. also.H huge thank you to Janet Dunn over at Houzz for the amazing write up on our Albert Park House Attic Extension! For this Melbourne space, we dabbled in a few different areas: interior as well exterior design, custom-made contemporary furniture design, and a complete renovation for some spaces. Read Janet’s write up below! […]

Finest Interior in Australia

Top 100 Interior Designers Australia Spinzi Design has been listed within the best interior designers in Australia for its finest interior. Thank you to DeLuxe for selecting us for the Top 100 Interior Designers Australia list !!! Check out this write up by Deluxe on Spinzi Designs: Interior designing is not just little cosmetic nips […]

Bespoke Furniture in Melbourne

From Weary to Wonderful with Bespoke Furniture Melbourne Our interior design and bespoke furniture Melbourne Bay View project featured by Amy Collins Walker on the Interiors Addict Enjoy !!! Spinzi Design was asked on to make a few small changes to this Melbourne bay-side apartment. They didn’t expect the project to become so elaborate. The original […]

Custom Made Spaces – Tailor your home to the way you live

Create a Melbourne home that is uniquely you with designer furniture. Furniture and furnishings at throwaway prices with mass-produced origins are rapidly losing their appeal. A more discerning clientele demands interiors which combine quality craftsmanship with inspiring design to create beautiful, timeless spaces – that work! Bespoke designed and made spaces have become incredibly important; […]

5 Tips For Creating A Timeless Interior

ThereCreating a Timeless Interior with Modern, Eclectic Designs Designing an interior that withstands the test of time has never been so easy. See below our 5 top tips for creating a truly timeless interior. Creating a timeless interior has never been so important in the interior design industry. Consumers have become more design-savvy and expect their homes […]

Art in Interior Design

Ideas and Inspiration for Displaying Art that Works! Art and sculpture bring beauty and sophistication to our surroundings. The sheer presence of art can encourage intellectual and emotional reflection, it can define a space and make or break an interior. Without it your interior can be missing the most important piece of the puzzle. One […]

Milan Design Fair 2015: Spinzi’s Top 10 Picks

The Salone del Mobile never disappoints – and the Milan Design Fair 2015 was no different! It was tricky, but Spinzi Designs managed to narrow down the highlights into a list of our top ten picks. Read on to see our favourite ten designers from the Milan Design Fair 2015 below. The buzz and enthusiasm for the […]

Color Design, how psychology of color affects Interior Design

Understanding the Psychology of Color Design If used effectively, color design theory is one of the most powerful tools a designer can wield. Colours are a form of non-verbal communication that can speak volumes in a fraction of a second. They can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire […]

Our Interior Design Philosophy

Based in Milan and Melbourne, our interior design philosophy focuses on the unique needs and design goals of the homeowners. Here at Spinzi Design, we set a great deal of emphasis on listening to and understanding the expectations of our clients. With our main intention being that of creating a home, we ensure collaboration with our […]

Tommaso Spinzi – Meet the Designer

Tommaso Spinzi, Founder and Head Designer of Spinzi Design. Melbourne Interior Designer Tommaso has practiced Interior Design on an international level. An Italian native, he has lived in Milan, Switzerland and New York. The Founder of Spinzi Design, Tommaso specialises in unifying contemporary design principles with antique pieces. Being largely influenced by his travels, he aims […]