Art in Interior

Carefully chosen art creates feelings to the space. We work with you carefully to create the right mood, through providing different options to cater for different budgets. Art can include modern prints, photography, painting, sculptures, and decorative objects. Art complements the space. Together with furniture, interior design and space planning, art completes the overall look.
Based on the overall look and feel of the space, we define the mood you are looking for. We then offer you suggestions on how to achieve the mood through art pieces.
We connect you to various art dealers that offer a unique selection of art pieces. We also explore the different options in details such as framing and finishing.
Begin changes
We work with trade specialists to carefully position and place the objects.

Our Process

We provide you with ideas and consultation on how to choose and place your artworks in your place. We can also guide you in buying your artworks with stunning timeless designs considering your personal preference.
We will be happy to discuss your design requirements and desires.
3D Plans
We will illustrate and visualize your design with 3D plans and sketches
We assist you with the shopping and choosing the items that you love.
We choose the right piece in order to create a timeless design for you.
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