We work with you closely to design unique spaces that create the ambience and feelings you aim for. This includes colour schemes, layout, furniture and finishing.

We work with you to design bespoke, unique furniture pieces to match your interior design goals and we work closely with the furniture makers to ensure the overall quality and style.

We hand pick a unique selection of art work ranging from paintings, sculptures and other pieces to complete the overall design. Our ability to access an array of highly sought-after art work means that we're able to create stand-out spaces.

Our Design Philosophy

Our goal is to inspire and realise your aspirations with a living space that exceeds your expectations. We focus on creating a balanced design drawing on our European and modern eclectic strengths. We partner with you closely every step of the way.

What We Offer

We work with you to deeply understand your lifestyle, your needs, and the way you live your life. Based on provided information, we come up with key design insights. We then define the design including sketching, construction plan, 3-D presentation and idea board.

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